Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories v1.2.0 (Mod Apk)

Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories

Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories Apk Mod v1.2.0 (Mod Apk) Crossroad Tales is a cooperative interactive story app where you and your friend’s choices affect the story’s outcome. Laugh, cry, throw your hands up as you and a friend experience a roller coaster of emotions. Bring a friend, and choose together!

Invite friends to your Co-op Group and immerse yourselves in tales of drama, mystery, and suspense! Seamlessly discuss how your characters will interact with other characters in each story using internal voice chat. Don’t take too long to decide as it may affect your relationships.

Group Decisions
Your Group Decisions affect each story’s multiple endings. Each choice weighs differently. The choices your group make affects the stories in the crossroads.

Solo Play offers a robust and in-depth backstory of their Co-op Play counterparts. Find out how the characters vary in each episode. Your choices only affect your individual stories as they progress through each episode.

Customize Your Characters
There are a variety of hair styles, outfits, and colors to choose from. Show off your ensemble with your friends!

New Stories and/or Chapters Await Every Week!
Stories are often released as single chapters. Can’t wait that long? Some stories are released as completed stories. What will you choose to read next?
Many more stories are coming soon!

Download now on your Android device or tablet!
Requires Android Version 5.0 and up!

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Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories
Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories
Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories
Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories
Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories
Crossroad Tales: Co-Op Stories


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