Extraordinary Mercenary v1.0 (Mod Apk)

Extraordinary Mercenary

Extraordinary Mercenary v1.0 (Mod Apk)

The Extraordinary Mercenary is a very exciting arcade action shooting mobile game. Players will play a super mercenary in the game, and there are many characters and weapons in the game. Players can choose their favorite weapons to kill all the enemies. Destroy them all, isn’t it interesting?

Game Introduction

A masterpiece of gunfighting on your fingertips, the war is about to break out, and the firepower is full to interpret the iron-blooded battle!

This battlefield needs more mercenaries!

And will you become the peerless mercenary that everyone has been waiting for?

Join the game now and start your hiring journey!

Game Features

1. Excellent combat system, ultimate shooting feel, perfect battlefield interpretation!

2. Real war sound effects, realistic fighting effects!

3. Up to dozens of cool weapons can be unlocked, and experience the full firepower of the battlefield!

4. Unique character upgrade system, make your character stronger in war, take more damage and create more output!

5. Powerful weapon modification and upgrade system, let your love gun grow by leaps and bounds, and make your enemies despair!

6. Massive levels are available for battle, exquisite level design, rich clearance rewards, go and explore more game levels!

7. There are also various fierce BOSS battles in the game, allowing you to experience the challenges from powerful enemies!Extraordinary Mercenary
Extraordinary Mercenary
Extraordinary Mercenary
Extraordinary Mercenary
Extraordinary Mercenary

MOD Features*
1.Always Crit
2. Crit DMG x10
3. God against Bullets


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