FNAF AR Freak Chica – Jumpscare & Workshop Animations Mod Apk

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The Credits & contact:
Model or models by: @Bun-Zai
Animations by: Yerribrine

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Si tienes dudas sobre la re-subida de las animaciones, considera leer el párrafo sobre esto en su totalidad para obtener una respuesta 😀

If you have doubts about the re-upload of the animations, considered read the paragraph about this in his entirely to get an answer 😀

Sadly It is “prohibited” to re-upload any of this videos , or compilations, in order to avoid problems with content ID and coypright claims.
THE WAY you can use my content in your edits it is following this NECESARY conditions:

CREDIT me for the work (In case of re-upload on other platform like tik tok, leave the short link of the video in the title
CREDIT the model creators
SATISFY the requeriments for fair use on youtube
For lazy people, I will just resume this as:
Transform in a significant way the content

Some examples of this on aplication (may be quite relative depending the case and may no apply for every )

works of commentary, criticism, research, teaching, or news reporting MAY be considered fair use.

Like transform in a significant way the meaning of the content of the video.
Add or change in a substancial way the content of the video, Not only re-uploads PLEASE.

Also remember , attempt to create your own content, there is a lot of peolple re-uploading compilations at a fed up point.
Took inspiration is ok but also remember to be original! create your own stuff! and try to improve every day!
Good luck!


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