For fate has descended for you and I to meet. Harbinger of the darkness, saviour of the holy light. It is I, Remilia Nephys, Queen of Pandemonium, a pleasure to meet you.

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Thank you for your kind offerings to the queen of Pandemonium. She gratefully appreciates your offerings as they will help her plan her way towards World Domination with a full stomach! She is too shy to give her thanks therefore, I, Horo Horo thank you.

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† Art: #remicasso
† Meme: #rememelia
† Live: #remiLIVE
† NSFW: #rekmilia
† Fans: Doremu (Slaves working together to achieve Remilia’s dreams!)

✧To be a good slave to the lord of pandemonium, here are some rules and regulations!✧

Always show good conduct among others, do not spam, troll and talk about unrelated and inappropriate topics or else you will be banished and never to be seen again.
Do not talk about other streamers unless Remilia-sama brings them up, only think about Remilia-sama, only her and no one else.
No backseating! Remilia-sama maybe slow but she is getting used to human video games, only provide her with guidance when asked!
Do not share or leak personal information about yourself or others that could get you in trouble!!!
All donations will not be refunded!

✧Phase Connect Talents✧

† Phase Alias †
@Shiina Ch. 天ノ川 しいな 【Phase Connect】

@Erina Ch. エリナ・マキナ 【Phase Connect】

@Panko Ch. 小町ぱんこ 【Phase Connect】

@Rie Ch. 姫宮りえ【Phase Connect】

@Airi Ch. 千坂 アイリ【Phase Connect】

‧₊˚✩彡 Phase Invaders ‧₊˚✩彡
@Lumi Ch.【Phase Connect】

@Yuri Ch. アマリス百合【Phase Connect】

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Phase Generation 1 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
@Lia Ch. 鈴香アシェリア 【Phase Connect】

@Uruka Ch. 藤倉ウルカ 【Phase Connect】

@Nasa Ch. 転寝ナサ 【Phase Connect】

@Pipkin Pippa Ch.【Phase Connect】

@Tenma Ch. マエミ 天満 【Phase Connect】

@Iori Ch. 白鹿いおり【Phase Connect】

@Michiru Ch. 紫翠みちる【Phase Connect】

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Friday Night Funkin’ Apk Mod DOWNLOAD Links:

 Links:  http://apk.obblink.com/uzmKH

Friday Night Funkin’ Apk Mod

Friday Night Funkin ‘is a fun and unique music rhythm game to test your musical knowledge and reflexes. You are trying to kiss your girlfriend, because that’s what you want most in the world, but her evil father won’t let you get close to her and her only intention is to end your life to protect her baby. .
But you have a small chance to make your dream come true! His father is a former rock star, so the only way to get to his heart and save your life is through the power of music – try to play all the musical notes at the right time to earn enough points and win the game!




Friday Night Funkin’ FNF Apk Mod is an open source rhythm game. Developed by a team of four Newgrounds users. It has a similar interface to Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper, and has an aesthetic look reminiscent of the browser games popular from the early to mid-2000s.

Initial release date: October 5, 2020
Mode: Single player
Developer: Cameron Taylor
Publishers: Cameron Taylor, Mediatonic Game
Programming language: Haxe
Platforms: Android, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Classic Mac OS
Genres: Rhythm game, Action game




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