GTA 5 Funny/Crazy Jump Compilation (GTA V Fails Funny Moments) GTA v TikTok #shorts #youtubeshorts Mod Apk

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is Apk Mod a controversial trilogy that is quite controversial from both the pro and non-support direction. But thanks to that, it quickly became one of the most curious names in the GTA series, especially when there was news that there would be a mobile version.


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Mod Apk is a controversial trilogy that is quite controversial from both the pro and non-support direction. But thanks to that, it quickly became one of the most curious names in the GTA series, especially when there was news that there would be a mobile version.


Introduce about Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Apk Mod Money Full 2022 – 2023

A trilogy of games about the war on the streets!

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is a combo of 3 GTA Remastered games including GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas brought from major platforms to mobile platforms. All three of these games are labeled 18+, but all three are titles that everyone must play at least once.

The biggest controversial improvement in GTA history, but with the responsibility of “rejuvenation”, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy did a great job

There are still many disagreements about the graphic style that is considered a “new breeze” of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy. If you are used to the dark, pitiful streets of the previous games, then this game will probably be a bit different. But if Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is the first game in the series that you play, the brighter setting than usual of Liberty City and San Andreas may bring you a pleasant feeling. It makes the story in the game not too dark, not too anti-social, or heavy with the feeling of a mafia faction.


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Character creation also brought a lot of controversies. Still the inherent coolness of the gangsters, but this time, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy also brings a little bit of fun, teenager-style play a bit compared to the usual level of the previous parts. Understandably, old players react negatively to this styling style. But if you open your heart and receive it positively, this is a remarkable creation of the manufacturer to “rejuvenate” the older series and target more young players. All try to integrate into a game consisting of three small games, so sometimes Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is a bit tight.

Ignoring all the unresolved scandals above, looking at it objectively, I think Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is still one of the best action role-playing games worth playing on mobile. Especially nowadays in the state of role-playing games on mobile are endless, but to find a game that is deep, simple, and worth playing is very less.

Improvements in Difficulty apk mod

The difficulty level in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has decreased a little compared to the original game.

GTA has always been famous for being a difficult game, even if it is on mobile, it is a little more minimalist, it is still essentially a difficult game to play. It’s hard because if you don’t finish the job, you will have to drive around the starting point to restart the mission. In Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, things seem to have gotten a little easier, but driving to the save points still makes it difficult for players. The suffocating gunfights that happen continuously, plus the fact that there are still fewer save points on the map can make some new players frustrated.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is also enhanced with a new aiming system that slightly reduces the difficulty of gunfights.

The driving part has also been adjusted to be more intuitive for the player. All three game parts give the same feeling of driving and controlling the car, so it’s so smooth about driving even when switching back and forth the game parts to play.


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New improvements

In addition to major changes in the context, character creation, and color tone system for the whole game like I mentioned above, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy also has many shortenings that surprise those who have played the original game. There are no more top-down viewing angles and no more cinematic viewing angles. And honestly, for anyone who has ever seen the previous installments on PC, it will be a bit disappointing.

But to make up for that, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy also has a lot of great improvements, especially when it comes to mobile. For example, there is an automatic weapon selection wheel, there is a tool to slow down time so that the character has more opportunities to protest. This feature must be said to be extremely beneficial when dealing with the whole crowd of enemies. This is so useful but I also don’t like it very much because I find it a bit unrealistic, different from GTA’s original gang nature.

The most commendable is that in this new game, our character can keep all the equipment brought from the beginning (regardless of the previous mission failure). So in terms of weapons, definitely give a big plus to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy.


Except for the above significant changes, the rest, the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is not much different from the previous parts: it is still the story of the character of the underworld assigned to many different missions and start the law disobedience activities: gang purge, gangster revenge, drive around for theft, fight police, kill other gangs with the highlight still being the unlimited driving scenes.

Summary of 3 game in The Trilogy MOD APK Free

The same game, but each game part in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has a completely different story and context. The improvements included are also different.

Grand Theft Auto III revolves around Claude, who is seeking revenge for being betrayed by his girlfriend. This game part has a 3D setting, especially it just has a half map (the remaining you have to unlockable), and linear story. Many missions are kind of chaos between gangs and police. Claude’s weapons are generally very impressive, of all kinds and sizes to be able to complete the most difficult melee scenes: Micro Uzi, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, bombs…

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: In this game part, you will play as Tommy Vercetti, who wants to out the gang but the gang doesn’t allow it. The main setting is still Vice City. This time back, Tommy has more safehouses, weapons are also much richer. Many new vehicles such as motorcycles and scooters have been added.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is rated as the best game of all three. In this game part, you play as Carl Johnson on his way back to San Andreas to mourn his mother. The game has good content, more dramatic than the other two games. There are more options for characters such as adding transportation, changing costumes, hair, and tattoos. The game context is the largest city of San Andreas compared to the two cities above. Especially this game has a lot of fun interactive mini-games.

Download Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy APK free for Android APK MOD

In short, although there is a lot of controversy and controversy surrounding the trilogy under the common name Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, there’s no denying one thing, there are a lot of new points that have been added in all three games. The goal of “rejuvenating” GTA players that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is striving for is still a bit overwhelming. But if you play to admire an exciting, moody game with lots of action and attractive driving, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is still one of the top choices for mobile players.



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