Offroad 4×4 Simulator v1 (Mod Apk Money)

Offroad 4x4 Simulator

Offroad 4×4 Simulator v1 (Mod Apk Money) The ultimate off-road experience for the iOS platform. Offroad simulator of great realism. Drive the 4x4s, SUVs, pickups and cargo trucks to complete all the challenges in very rugged environments.

Total suspension configuration with various advanced parameters such as spring hardness and shock absorber stiffness. Set the height of the suspension and adapt it to the obstacles you must overcome.

Off-road cars with four-wheel drive, with transfer case configurable in 4H and 4L.
The 4H option is the default option. The vehicle will maintain 4×4 traction by default.
With the option 4H (Reducer) we will also have four-wheel drive, but we will also have maximum engine speed at low revolutions which will help us overcome obstacles of great difficulty. Roads of difficult transit rocks and large slopes.
This will make the player have the best and most real experience when driving a 4×4

Customize all your vehicles. Modify the appearance of the body and tires of your cars. Make improvements in all aspects of your car, Speed, Acceleration, Grip and Reducer.

Different game modes
Standard, extreme challenges, transport of loads by trucks, ascent and descent of slopes, Rock Crawling.
Dirt, rock or mud surfaces.

Amazing driving challenges that will test your driving skills. But do it before the stopwatch reaches zero. Overcome all obstacles to reach your goal.

Multiple camera views
You will have up to 8 camera views that you must select to have a better view of the terrain that you must overcome.
Offroad 4x4 Simulator
Offroad 4x4 Simulator
Offroad 4x4 Simulator
Offroad 4x4 Simulator
Offroad 4x4 Simulator


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