Pigs and Wolf – Block Puzzle v1.0.0.1 (Mod Apk)


Pigs and Wolf - Block Puzzle

Pigs and Wolf – Block Puzzle v1.0.0.1 (Mod Apk) Welcome to the Pigs and Wolf, the new block puzzle based on a classic story, that is going to grab your attention and wash away all the stress!

Wolf tales about pigs

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful place, where three pigs were living in complete harmony and peace. Their big and lovely meadows were the perfect ground for those young and happy pigs… little did they know. Their distant neighbor, the scary Wolf, decided that he wants all their land for himself – and so he started his own nasty wolf game.

The Woody Puzzle

What may seem like an easy game for a wolf, may turn into a real jigsaw puzzle for some brave pigs. But how can our heroes win this piggy game? The answer is quite simple – they need to outsmart the wolf! To make every piggy safe and secure, you’ll assist them in their hide-and-seek brain-teaser. When you don’t fill in the puzzle, your only option is to turn it into a thinking game!

Color block vs. roadblock

It won’t be easy to fool the wolf only with colored blocks – he’ll uncover your plan really fast. It only means that it’s time to create a perfect hideout for our heroes and a real maze for the Wolf. This will be a real brain puzzle, so you’ll need all the roadblocks you have to make it as hard for Wolf as possible. Let him walk the wrong road all the time!

Of course, it won’t be a challenging game for the Wolf alone… In this block game, you’ll need all your wits and dimensional thinking – the shape puzzle won’t just crack that easily. As in any building block game you’ll face difficulties – you have limited space for your smart maneuvers!

I’m in a block game!

Ready for the rescue mission? Excellent! In this hide&drag free puzzle game, there will be a field where you should place all the grass blocks to save the piggies. No serious block-world problems, don’t worry – it’s a puzzle-solving game, not a purely mathematical logic game! The process of this logic puzzle game is centered around your creative thinking. Questions like “how should I hide my piggies” and “what is the block angle” will train your dimensional perception in this brain game. You’re the one who’ll change this tale!

All our block-puzzle games offer unique features:

1. Incredibly beautiful and soothing landscapes of different types: fields, farms, meadows, forests, highlands
2. Tricky brain-puzzle blocks: you need to find the right position and make sure that the pig can safely get to the shelter
3. Hint Booster: should be used whenever you are willing to do everything right before it’s too late
4. The bad guy: the famous Wolf is looking for our small heroes, so stay on guard and don’t get in his way
5. Getting caught: try to avoid the unwanted results and outsmart the Wolf!
Pigs and Wolf - Block Puzzle
Pigs and Wolf - Block Puzzle
Pigs and Wolf - Block Puzzle
Pigs and Wolf - Block Puzzle
Pigs and Wolf - Block Puzzle

Many Hints


Pigs and Wolf – Block Puzzle v1.0.0.1 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Pigs and Wolf – Block Puzzle v1.0.0.1 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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