Toraware no Palm Refrain v6.01.01 (Mod Apk)

Toraware no Palm Refrain

Toraware no Palm Refrain v6.01.01 (Mod Apk)

Before purchasing and executing the game,
Please confirm the following [Purchase Precautions] first.

【game introduction】
The mobile phone screen is simulated as the glass of the meeting room,
Start a meeting with him, or use the in-game messenger
Talk to him, and through the monitor,
A glimpse of his other side and his true heart….

“The Imprisoned Palm Refrain” is a
A somatosensory love game to experience the love process in person.
To help him trapped on an isolated island,
You need to solve the mystery and heart of his memory with your own hands.

This work inherits the beautiful world view of the previous work,
And fully evolve the system. Not only fans of the previous work,
I believe that players who have entered the palm world from this work,
Can also deeply experience the relationship with “him”
Endless true love journey.

◆◇ A meeting that will read your mind ◇◆
By touching the screen, he will react to your actions
to react; through your sight,
He will read the emotional changes in you.

Meet with charming 3D modules,
Showing his subtle facial expressions,
Add all his words to you.

As if he existed on the other side of the glass,
Experience realistic romantic meeting situations.

◆◇ Dramatic storyline ◇◆

One night, a book fell from the ground
You accidentally rescued a collapsing young man on the street – Qian Zhang.

However, what happened that day changed your destiny.
In order to meet the young people who were rescued at that time,
You who came to the lonely island shelter,
He learned that he had been suspected of being involved in the case and was under suspicion.

The key to unraveling the incident lies with Qian Zhang.
You were entrusted to assist him in order to clear you of your guilt
Restoring memory. . . .

After becoming his counselor, you will face the hidden
Unknown truth in memory——.

◆◇ Complete voice presentation of “His Voice” ◇◆
Youths who have lost memories of events
CV : Ishikawa Kairen

Not only face-to-face, in monitoring mode and mini-games,
All perfectly presented in full voice!

◆◇ Powerful voice actors perform on the island’s residents ◇◆
Islanders with rich plot stories and unique personalities,
It is run by a luxurious lineup of powerful voice actors.

Suda Warden
CV : Sakurai Takahiro

Library student: Moji
CV : Suzuki Tatsuo

There are also many other voice actors playing roles.
※Other characters are not fully voiced.

◆◇ Slim strokes, charming art style ◇◆
From “Galactic Rangers” (Nintendo 3DS/PS3)
With the TV animation “Macro Fortress Δ”
Character Illustrator – Chisei Mita (CAPCOM)
Responsible for character art setting.
And include a number of beautiful paintings drawn by yourself!

◆◇ This game is suitable for recommended player features ◇◆
・I like female love games.
・I want to experience a sweet love with a beautiful man.
・Want to experience the heart-wrenching love journey.
・I like watching suspense dramas.
・I want to immerse myself in a beautiful world view that is different from everyday life.
・Longing for love stories in movies, dramas, and novels.
・I want to play a game story with rich content.
・I want to enjoy the full-voice dubbing of popular voice actors.


【Purchase Precautions】

◆◇ Chapter Sales ◇◆
“Imprisoned Palm Refrain” adopts
Like a series, it is sold in the form of chapters.
This chapter is an episodic game of “End of all 8 episodes”.

The main body of the game includes the prologue and the first chapter.
After Chapter 2, in-game purchases are required
Tuition purchase.

※In-game purchases other than this chapter,
There are also other optional items such as branch lines.

◆◇ Operating System ◇◆
The OS and device corresponding to this game,
See the URL below for confirmation.

※This game requires the use of a “gyroscope” to play.
Please confirm first whether the model you plan to use is equipped with
The gyroscope is working properly.

※Non-compatible OS/Non-compatible device
Although it is also possible to purchase this game,
But it may not work properly.
If you use a non-corresponding OS/non-corresponding device
normal operation cannot be guaranteed,
There is no refund after purchase.

◆◇ Other ◇◆
Remove the game program from the device,
It will be deleted along with the game progress.

If you want to change the model, you need to make the game progress first
Manually save in the cloud to inherit game records.
Please use the in-game settings menu,
The function of “Accessing Cloud Game Records”
Will be able to take over the game progress of the previous device.
※Android cannot inherit the records of other platform models.


◆◇ Listing information, customer service ◇◆
・”The Imprisoned Palm Refrain” official website

・”The Imprisoned Palm Series” Official FB Fan Club
Or search for “Prisoned Palms”被囚禁的掌心 Refrain
被囚禁的掌心 Refrain
被囚禁的掌心 Refrain
被囚禁的掌心 Refrain
被囚禁的掌心 Refrain

MOD Features*
1. All paid ( like side story , Memories , and shopping )


Toraware no Palm Refrain v6.01.01 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

Toraware no Palm Refrain v6.01.01 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK


Toraware no Palm Refrain v6.01.01 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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